Where does TRIPLE ONE stand in the market?

The below matrix crosses horizontally the automation level of software, and vertically its data analysis level, starting with reporting up to analytics and ending with advanced data mining performance.


Why using Triple One?


It is very important to raise perception in the market about the uniqueness of our software by emphasizing its added value that is based on: “easiness”, “quickness”, and “accessibility for all”.
1. Easiness
If we get a closer look at the “year of first release”, most software was released before the year 2000, long before new technologies. Consequently, the new versions will mainly improve existing ones. Our drag-n-drop “statistic-less” approach is a state of the art in that field in terms of easiness. If direct competitors copy the concept, they will surely be in contradiction with their core business.
2. Full automated solutions
From the above results, it appears obvious that most analysts and researchers or any data manipulator worldwide (secretaries to expert researchers) are reluctant to handle analytical tools, their use being confined to basic tools. Our software provides the market with a solution that fully automates (alike Business Intelligence packages) their operations regardless of any analytical knowledge.
Automation is inspired from the concept of music: a set of seven notes A-B-C-D-E-F-G, combined differently, generates music. The same applies for data analysis: a set of five types of variables, combined differently via our drag-n-drop, will generate all analytical possibilities.
3. The drag-and-drop innovative concept
Inspired by the new mobile and I-Pod technologies, the concept of our product will evolve solely around the drag-and-drop operation. Instead of identifying the essential analysis method (of which most persons are unaware), users will just have to drag-n-drop their need and the software will automatically generate an optimized solution and will display it for editing before printing.
4. Leveraging users’ potential and efficiency
Our product can turn any data beginner user into an expert data analyzer, whose reports can compete with those of experienced statisticians. All features of specialized statisticians are also available for professionals. Years of hard learning are accessible for everyone.
5. Quickness: 1 minute into 1 second
Basically, we will provide the quickest analytical solution. A standard t-test with SPSS or STATISTICA for comparing two samples and charting lasts 30 minutes when carried out by a statistician, but 30 seconds thanks to our product.
6. Cost and time killer
When asked about their usual way in analyzing data, main S.D.A reluctant users claimed to refer to specialists or research companies.